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We believe that fair assessments can change lives.

Our purpose: Moving People Forward.

At Yardstick Assessment Strategies, we ensure that professionals are qualified and ready to serve the public. We use a combination of technology, psychometric best practice, evidence-based research, and professional experience to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of millions of candidates across the world.

So much depends on how professionals in our most vital industries are assessed. Our partners rely on us for innovative, practical, seamless, professional testing solutions for their credentialing programs. Our award-winning approach to psychometrics, technology, and certification ensures that industry professionals are competent, qualified, and ready to make their dream a reality.

Customizable services
Easy-to-use tools
Customer-first approach
Demystifying psychometrics
Customer delight heroes

Our promise: To deliver assessments that accurately test what candidates need to know.

From small-scale online exams to multi-day, thousand-candidate administrations, we’ve done it all.

Our team is defined by an industry-renowned combination of rigour and customer service.

Whether we are configuring and managing your exam site, generating sophisticated reports, or delivering your exams, we partner with you to better understand your organization’s unique needs. Together, we solve your current and future testing challenges and find the best solutions for you and your candidates.

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